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2007 Spring Festival Gala 
Dear All,

Happy Thanksgiving. How time flies! It did not seem very long ago when we celebrated the founding of our GWAAUS last year. I hope it has been a very good year for everybody. I guess we all have been so busy that we did not have the time to attend to more GWAAUS activities as we should have. Well, this might be just an indication that we are still very relevant to society and we are still very involved in whatever we are doing. We are still young! And we refuse to retire from this ever exciting world, yet.

Well, Lily said that is just my excuse for not having done much as the leader. For that, I willingly accept the full responsibility. And I hope everybody will accept my apology.

Lately, I have talked to Zhou Xiao Ping and a few other people regarding how to get back to some GWAAUS during the holiday seasons. One idea came up: Using the new Internet technology, we can hold a cross-America "GWAAUS Chinese New Year Celebration Gala", around February, 2007, in which we can see performance of any kind, by each region, on the computer/TV screen with sound and visual image. Last year, as you may remember, the LA region meeting site was live on Internet. People in the DC region were able to see it. This time, we suggest other regions use the same or better equipment so we can all share it, meaning we can see the performance from all regions. We thought this would be interesting, and we can make it an interesting event or a selling point to draw more new alumni to join GWAAUS. We still have at least 2 month time to prepare for it.

Or anybody has other ideas, please share it with all of us. Just any idea.

You can call my cell phone at (562) 405-1780 or home phone (562) 802-3507

Qiao Xin

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