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  GWAAUS Board Members for 2008 - 2009 Term

Dear Everyone,

I would like to congratulate you for being elected to serve our alumni organization in the next two years. Attached please find who's who on the board as the result of email voting(no irregular voting activities have been reported and we don't need super delegates).

As a newly elected member, we need to make ourselves known to all the members. May I suggest that everyone write a short self-introductory paragraph and send it to Feng Yongliang to be posted on our website, along with a photo picture? Please visit www.gwaaus.org to see how we did last time.

In the coming weeks, we should start planning activities for the new year. Please be creative and have your proposals ready. Look forward to working with you. Thanks.

Zhou Xiaoping


GWAAUS Board Members for 2008 - 2009 Term    
Title Name English Name Location Grade Major
President 周小平 Zhou Xiao Ping (Nick) Houston, TX GW79 English
1st VP 陈洁明 Chen Jieming(Leo Chan) Cincinnati, OH GW90 International Business
VP 盛穗楚 Sheng Sui Chu (Vicky) Houston, TX GW80 English
VP 林格 Lin Ge (Grace) New York, NY GW77 English 
Secretary 英伟宁 Ying Weining(Bill) Los Angeles, CA GW81 English 
VP 张虹 Zhang Hong Washington, DC GW80 English 
Director 谢瑶 Xie Yao Washington, DC GW82 English
Director 柯业智 Ke Yezhi(George) New York, NY GW72 English
Director 梁晓红 Liang Xiao Hong New York, NY GW77 English
VP 冯波 Feng Bo Boston, MA GW77 English 
Director 胡蕾 Hu Lei Mobil, Alabama GW82 English
Committee Chair (Communications) 冯永良  Feng Yiong Liang (Harry) Los Angeles, CA GW77 English
Director 汪学颖 Wang Xue Ying Los Angeles, CA GW79 English
Director 竺红明 Zhu Hong Ming (Jesse) Los Angeles, CA GW87 English 
Legal Consul 徐颖 Xu Ying Los Angeles, CA GW94 German
Treasurer 周雄耀  Zhou Xiong Yao (Ben) San Francisco, CA GW77 English
VP 张小西 Zhang Xiao Xi (Weslie) Chicago, IL GW77 English
Director 蒲敏然 Pu Min Ran Lawrence, KS GW95 English
Director 李一鸣 Li Yi Ming (Andy) Los Angeles, CA GW78 English

理事自我介绍 (整理中)

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