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南加州校友聚会 2008-4-12

Dear Gwers,

Our party was over, but the joy continues, and our GW alumniship is ever lasting!

I am a little tired and wanted to finish this report without waiting to the next day. Check the clock it has passed 12 midnight already, so it IS next day now. Not bad, early morning.

Thanks go to Harry Feng for setting up the live coverage system and taught me how to use it without his presence. It worked and I gained a lot experience. I am sure we will do it much much better next time.

Thanks go to Jesse Zhu, you helped me so much for the preparation. If I was the head of this Gwers "gang" gethering, then you were the co-head! But don't worry, I don't think anyone will sue us for that. Am I right, Howard Jiang?

Thanks go to Nick Zhou, our board president. With your President's Speech, I felt we were always being with you, with your support and encouragement.

Thanks go to my two daughters Anne and Jennie. They helped me for the patio extended shade project. Although it took them only 30 minutes, how could I expect more from them?

Thanks go to my wife Mary. As I told you before she is always my best party partner because she always works as our chief BBQ cooker. But she did complaint about the left-over beef and chicken because everyone ate too less. That will end up that we have to keep eating beef and chicken for the coming whole week.

Thanks go to all party participants, both in person and online. We could not believe we could share so mch GW alumniship in such a small party! We hope the GW alumniship will become more and more attractive, and our next party will be double, even triple in size.

Thanks go to my loquats. All those golden ripe ones have been picked and tried. How is the taste? Yumy! Don't foreget I will have more fruits harvest in later months of the year.

I am glad to inform you that our next party is already in my mind. It will be a weekend in September, the title will be -- A Gala in Moonlight. Very romantic, right? Well, hope this can keep you expected and excited for 5 months until the final moment, especially for those who always tend to sleep.

Because of the size of the photos, I have to send this email twice to carry all 5 photos. Hope you will receive and enjoy all of them.

Talk to you soon,

Bill Ying(
英伟宁,English 81)


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