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第一届校友理事会(2006-2007)   第二届校友理事会(2008-2009)

乔欣, 周小平,张虹, 赵幼华, 麦志东, 李莉, 李一鸣, 周雄耀, 冯永良, 竺红明, 张小西, 盛穗楚, 林格, 冯波.

广外美国校友联谊会会长: 乔欣 (77)

周小平 (第一副会长, 79)
张虹 (80) 赵幼华 (77)
张小西 (77) 盛穗楚 (80 )
麦志东 (79 ) 林格 (77 )
冯波 (77 )

秘书长: 赵幼华 (77 )
副秘书长: 李莉 (77 )
财务部长: 周雄耀 (77 )
会员部部长: 周小平 (79 )
活动部部长: 张虹 (80 )
通讯部部长: 冯永良 (77 )


GWAAUS 1st Board Meeting Sunday, Feb. 5th, 2006
Meeting Summary

LA: Qiao Xin, Mai Zhidong, Li Yiming, Zhu Hongming, Feng Yiongliang, Li Li. Houston: Zhou Xiaoping. S.F.: Zhou Xiongyao. D.C.: Liao Guohong. N.Y.: Lin Ge. Boston: Feng Bo. Chicago: Zhang Xiaoxi

Not Present: LA: Zhao Youhua. Houston: Sheng Suichu. DC: Zhang Hong

Major Decisions

1. Newly elected board director: meeting participants unanimously voted for Liu Zhiying (GW79, Boston) to serve as board director to replace Liao Guohong (GW77, DC), who requested to be excused from board duties due to her increasing family responsibilities. Welcome aboard Zhiying! And Thank you, Guohong for all your hard work!

2. Register GWAAUS as a non-profit org: after weighing the pros and cons, meeting participants unanimously agreed to register GWAAUS as a non-profit, unincorporated organization domiciled in California. Treasurer Zhou Xiongyao will take care of the registration process and also PAY for all the expenses involved. Hurray for Xiongyao! And what a great deal for GWAAUS!

3. Membership Dues: after a lengthy discussion, the majority of the meeting participants were against collecting membership dues for the 1st year. The reason is that we do not want to turn people away because of a few of $$. Thank you board directors for your consideration and wise decision!


- Yahoo email distribution group: 1st Vice President Zhou Xiaoping proposed the idea of using Yahoo email distribution group as a way to reach and communicate with all GW alumni on record. Meeting participants will test out the use of this email distribution group in the next couple of weeks and will then authorize the use of this email group.

-Criteria of an active GWAAUS member: the group discussed criteria to determine the status of an active GWAAUS member and agreed that any recipient on the GWAAUS Yahoo email distribution group who receives emails and/or participates in discussions is considered an active GWAAUS member; anyone who voluntarily unsubscribe to the group is considered an inactive member.

-Promoting GWAAUS: it is suggested that we get involved with the local community and advertise ourselves as the ‘GW professional translator group’. We will inform the University, the local Chinese embassy/consulate, and other GW alumni associations about our service -- the best service with the lowest rate, guaranteed anywhere on the continental US!

Required Actions

Expand Membership – it is your responsibility:

-We currently have 148 alumni on record according to Zhou Xiaoping’s compiled list. We believe there are probably about another 100 more in ‘hiding’. It is our responsibility as a GWAAUS member to find them and to include them in the GWAAUS network for support.

-Please make it a goal for each person to find 1 or 2 new alumni this year. If everyone does that, we will be able to find all of the hiding 100 alumni this year!

-Please forward new contact information to our Membership Committee Chairman Zhou Xiaoping (GW79, Houston). He will need the name and an email address at a minimum. Thank you, Xiaoping, for your dedication! 

Enhance Website – it is for your enjoyment:

-The group discussed building our website into a regular ‘attraction’ for our members to connect with each other. The board proposed that the website have a public section for public info and a secured section for sensitive info. It is suggested that we publish brand-new content on a monthly basis. Writing and editing responsibilities will be rotated among the different regions. Our Communication Committee Chairman Feng Yiongliang will be contacting talented volunteers. Thank you for your continued hard work, Yongliang!

-As a commitment to building an attractive website, our President Qiao Xin pledged one thousand dollars to the work to be done on the website. Thank you, Mr. James, for your generosity!

Thank you & Next Meeting

-The next board meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 2nd quarter, exact date to be announced.

-A Big Thank You to all 12 meeting participants for devoting your precious Sunday and for your many great ideas!

Email Us: admin@gwaaus.org